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Infrared Fireplaces are a unique combination

of an infrared heater and an electric fireplace.

You probably have heard a lot of great things about infrared heaters. Infrared heaters are the most efficient, effective heaters and produce healthy, comfortable and soft heat. But often, you will find they are bulky and lack of any decorative value to fit nicely in your room settings.

You might have also heard a great deal about “Amish” electric fireplaces. With the realistic glow of fire, they truly make any room look nice and cozy. But they lack enough heating output because they use traditional coil heating elements or PTC heating elements.

By incorporating infrared heating technology into the electric fireplace, we have really combined the best of both worlds. Our infrared fireplaces not only put out powerful yet soft and healthy infrared heat, but also make a room in a house, condo, apartment or hotel look great.

10 Great Reason to Own an Infrared Fireplace:

  1. It is not just an Electronic Fireplace, it is an Infrared Fireplace
  2. Infrared Technology is Extremely Efficient
  3. Save up to 50% on your heating bill
  4. Heats Up to 800 Square Feet
  5. Will Not Reduce Humidity Or Oxygen
  6. Heats The Room Evenly Floor To Ceiling
  7. Inspected and Approved by UL a Benchmark in Safety
  8. Safe Around Children And Pets
  9. Will Not Start a Fire
  10. Looks Nice in Any Room Settings

To Learn More about Infrared Fireplaces

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Infrared Fireplace (Natural)

Compare AHP's Infrared Fireplace with the Infrared Heater and Amish Fireplace

  Infrared Fireplace Infrared Heater Regular “Amish” fireplace
Heat output 115-120 degree higher than ambient 115 to 120 degree higher than ambient 90 to 95 degree higher than ambient
Area can be heated      
As supplemental heater Up to 800 square feet Up to 800 square feet Up to 600 square feet
As only heating source Up to 400 square feet Up to 400 square feet Up to 350 square feet
Heating elements 3 quartz infrared heating elements 4 to 6 quartz infrared heating elements One Coil heating element, or PTC heating element
Thermo-stat Built-in digital thermostat Built-in digital thermostat No thermo-stat
Realistic Fire Effect Yes No Yes
Safety Safe around children and pets Safe around children and pets Safe around children and pets
Warranty 3 years 3 years 1 year
Cabinet / mantle Furniture grade plywood with wood veneer Plastic or MDF Wood